Sunday, 9 December 2007

The denouement


Chat History with denouement (#zemeister/$embersnade;91d7dec93de375b8)

Created on 2007-12-05 21:07:28.


God: 18:46:48
so who wants to remind us all of last week's events...?
Tint Whistler: 18:46:53
I've writen a phonetic summary from last week.
God: 18:47:02
Tint Whistler: 18:47:06
Well not really phonetic
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:47:06
Well, none of my arrows or spells seemed to work.
Tint Whistler: 18:47:13
“Ha Ha Ha”. First panic. Run? Fight? Fight!

Splat, grunt, slice, disease. More grunting, some splat.

Oh no there’s two of them. More fighting.

Oh no there’s 10 of them – panic. Run. No escape. Fight…

Many bruises later – victory! 
Tint Whistler: 18:47:26
Lotho: 18:47:32
God: 18:47:34
I think that's "stream of consciousness"
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:47:36
Hee hee :)
God: 18:47:46
(or unconsciousness in some peoples' case)
Tint Whistler: 18:48:00
So summary done, what's next?
God: 18:48:01
So from memory you have slain all the orcs in the immediate vicinity
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:48:12
I remember the beastie duplicated itself.
God: 18:48:14
then moved on and slain the big fat demon which came out of the next cavern
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:48:20
Some demonic birdie beastie.
God: 18:48:32
It was a "Vrock" and its details are on the blog...
Lotho: 18:48:52
wern't there at least 2?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:48:56
Vrock sounds like a new style of music  (music) or some such
God: 18:49:04
Lotho: The Vrock summoned a mate
God: 18:49:17
then cast mirror image on itself so it looked like it had 10 mates
Tint Whistler: 18:49:23
Why don't they keep summoning indefinitely - have lots here
God: 18:49:34
sent file Orc caverns 1.jpg to members of this chat
God: 18:49:43
Tint: they can
God: 18:50:03
but every time a Demon summons another Demon it owes someone a favour
God: 18:50:07
so they avoid it when they can
Tint Whistler: 18:50:19
Lotho: 18:50:27
hrm. we're still at power/hit points same as before?
God: 18:50:34
I just sent you all a file that contains the map of the caverns
God: 18:50:38
Lotho: yes
God: 18:50:46
no regaining anything till you either heal or rest
Tint Whistler: 18:50:48
I'm on 6hp, 3pps and 0 songs
God: 18:50:56
Good work there tint
Tint Whistler: 18:50:59
Complete exhaustion
Lotho: 18:51:00
well, i'm on nil pps
God: 18:51:16
so all it needs is one more Demon...
Tint Whistler: 18:51:25
Ha ha
Tint Whistler: 18:51:45
How about checking out the next cavern and heading back to the boat?
Tint Whistler: 18:52:02
Oo... and checking for treasure
God: 18:52:03
perhaps a good idea
God: 18:52:06
all around
God: 18:52:22
so what is first?
God: 18:52:26
next cavern or treasure?
Tint Whistler: 18:52:46
Which doors have been opened?
Lotho: 18:52:57
so we came in the west entrance right?
God: 18:53:12
yes you came in the Northwest entrance (with the stairs and the door)
God: 18:53:22
the Northern doors have been opened - teh chieftain and his mates swarmed out of there
God: 18:53:33
the centre of the cavern is thick with dead, mostly smoking orcs
God: 18:53:45
the Eastern door is the door through which the Vrock came
God: 18:53:54
you have yet to investigate the Southern or Western doors
God: 18:54:25
(also ignore the cave with no doors - fuck only knows what that is)
Lotho: 18:54:29
well, do we wanna check out the dead first? specially the chieftain and his friends?
Tint Whistler: 18:54:39
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:54:46
aye, a bit of corpse fossicking
Tint Whistler: 18:54:54
Also the chieftains' quarters
God: 18:55:05
okay you fossick the corpses
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:55:15
God: 18:55:18
the important guys are in a big pile near the western end of the room
God: 18:55:20
where you slew them
God: 18:55:29
except the witchdoctor, who is at the entry to the Eastern cavern
God: 18:55:42
you search the Orc chieftain and find:
Lotho: 18:55:57
ory tallying this stuff still?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:56:08
I suppose.
God: 18:56:13
armour and a longsword
Tint Whistler: 18:56:35
I have detect magic = 0pps
God: 18:56:46
the lieutenants also have armour, weapons adn a bottle of something each
Tint Whistler: 18:56:48
Concentrating very hard (whew)
God: 18:57:16
Tint casts detect magic on the items and finds that the chieftain's longsword, breastplate and light steel shield are all magical
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 18:57:35
God: 18:57:38
The bottles of something are probably a potion of some sort but what it is you don't know...
God: 18:57:42
needs identify or a taste test
God: 18:58:11
the remainder of the Orcs have nothing interesting
Tint Whistler: 18:58:11
Does one identify do everything or do we need to cast one spell each?
God: 18:58:24
One spell for each object Tint
Tint Whistler: 18:58:43
Lotho: 18:58:58
i have 0-level detect poison
Tint Whistler: 18:59:02
I have 3pps and Identify = 1pps - I suggest we wait until topside
Lotho: 18:59:02
is it poison?
God: 18:59:12
Lotho, the potion is not poison
Lotho: 18:59:16
Lotho: 18:59:20
yeah, we wait
God: 18:59:24
but note detect poison cannot tell you if a potion is cursed, only if it is poison
God: 18:59:26
Tint Whistler: 18:59:35
Lets check out their rooms
God: 18:59:42
the witchdoctor is over at the cavern's Eastern entrance
God: 18:59:47
you check the rooms first?
Tint Whistler: 18:59:50
And the demon + witchdoctor
Lotho: 18:59:51
how would a potion be cursed/
Lotho: 18:59:52
God: 19:00:07
Lotho, how would a potion heal 3-18 hit points?
Tint Whistler: 19:00:08
I gets drunk - curse of a potion
Lotho: 19:00:10
yeah, rooms on the way to the witchdoctor
God: 19:00:14
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:00:18
Aye the witchdoctor should have some magic nuggest on his person
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:00:25
nuggets, that is
Lotho: 19:00:32
Tint Whistler: 19:00:33
How about the demon?
God: 19:00:52
The Demons are both in this room it's true, but a bit of fossicking on them reveals nothing in their possession
God: 19:01:01
You go to the rooms?
Tint Whistler: 19:01:04
Tint Whistler: 19:01:09
God: 19:01:14
God: 19:02:07
the right-hand room is obviously the room of the lieutenants and the witchdoctor - the right hand half of the room is messy and stuffed full of weapons and cut, rotting meat, with 2 bedrolls; the left hand half is messy and stuffed full of strange objects and cut, rotting meat
God: 19:02:26
there is a small chest in the witchdoctor's side of the room
Tint Whistler: 19:02:40
traps lotho?
Lotho: 19:03:30
what i use for that?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:03:46
... strange objects ... ?
Tint Whistler: 19:03:51
hey god's gone to sleep!
God: 19:03:55
Lotho: use "search"
God: 19:04:15
opens a second beer and frowns all-knowingly
Lotho: 19:04:33
Lotho: 19:05:01
that was pissy
Lotho: 19:05:07
i'm gonna get blown up
God: 19:05:14
Ory: the strange objects are typical magiciany paraphernalia and spell components - a bag of sand, some rat bones, a few dried herbs, a lttle pile of silver dust, etc.
God: 19:05:17
Lotho: no traps
Lotho: 19:05:28
k, i'll open it.
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:05:30
Damn! I was hoping it would be something fun, like chocolate chastity belts ...
Lotho: 19:05:33
you guys wanna stand back?
God: 19:05:40
Lotho, it's locked
Tint Whistler: 19:05:40
backing up
God: 19:05:42
gonna pick it?
God: 19:05:55
(the lock that is, not your warty hobbity nose)
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:05:59
Get out your hairpin, Loth!
Lotho: 19:06:10
don't spose disable device works?
God: 19:06:27
Lotho: find a device you can disable it
God: 19:06:30
until then you use pick locks
Lotho: 19:06:30
oh, i have open lock too
Lotho: 19:06:49
19 again
God: 19:06:58
Lotho fails to open the lock
God: 19:07:04
I wonder if there's a key anywhere...
Lotho: 19:07:11
heh, lets go check the witchdoctor
God: 19:07:24
gonna look in the other room first?
Lotho: 19:07:29
God: 19:07:35
Tint Whistler: 19:07:36
I'll 'check' this room again
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:07:41
God: 19:07:47
Ory: do you wanna search through the magic paraphernalia for interesting things?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:07:54
God: 19:07:58
make a search check...
Tint Whistler: 19:08:06
We both have detect magic for 0pps
Tint Whistler: 19:08:09
I'll help.
God: 19:08:20
Tint: nothing magical in the pile
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:08:25
Tint Whistler: 19:08:29
Do I find a 'key'
Lotho: 19:08:45
God: 19:08:46
Ory doesn't find much, but he does find a little key ring with 3 strange crystal chits on it
Tint Whistler: 19:08:55
Hey hey!
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:08:59
chits? sounds a bit rude.
God: 19:09:03
little discs with the Black Speech rune for "travel" engraved on them
Tint Whistler: 19:09:07
What's a chit?
Tint Whistler: 19:09:19
God: 19:09:21
Tint: it's like a shit, but when it takes so long to squeeze out it solidifies
Tint Whistler: 19:09:32
a ha..
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:09:38
That's a bit gross, god.
God: 19:09:42
a little disc, like a doggy tag
Tint Whistler: 19:09:56
Open it up Ory
God: 19:09:57
has ominiscient bowels
God: 19:10:08
Tint: can't open a chit
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:10:13
Open it? But the doggy who owns it might come running along ...
God: 19:10:24
it's just a disc, made of crystal, with the Black speech rune for Travel engraved on it
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:10:29
... a big arse three-headed kind, like in Harry Potter ...
God: 19:10:43
... ooh that's a god idea!
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:10:46
Can I check it somehow? Can it teleport me?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:10:55

"travel" and all that
Tint Whistler: 19:10:58
Does the size of the lock seem similar to that key I picked up a while a go?
God: 19:11:02
Ory: Tint did a detect magic check and it didn't reveal any magic on it
God: 19:11:04
so it must be normal
God: 19:11:09
Tint: no
Tint Whistler: 19:11:15
God: 19:11:21
so do you all go look in the other room?
God: 19:11:28
(And Ory: do you take the strange chit?)
Tint Whistler: 19:11:28
Can we take the box with us?
God: 19:11:35
That's some weird looking chit man...
God: 19:11:36
Tint: yes
Tint Whistler: 19:11:40
God: 19:11:41
it isn't held down by anything
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:12:00
Well, if the chit ain't dangerous, I'll take it.
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:12:20
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:12:23
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:12:24
God: 19:12:28
God: 19:12:29
God: 19:12:30
God: 19:12:31
God: 19:12:31
God: 19:12:32
God: 19:12:34
God: 19:12:35
Tint Whistler: 19:12:48
Hmm... can someone cast protection from scrying? It'd be a shame if someone wanted to look for it and found us later.
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:12:51
gives god the finger
God: 19:12:57
Tint: good idea
God: 19:13:00
maybe Lotho can?
Tint Whistler: 19:13:03
Life sucks - blame God
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:13:10
Tint Whistler: 19:13:29
Lotho - any anti-scrying spells in one of your many lists.
God: 19:13:32
Protection from scrying won't last forever either...
God: 19:13:46
(Lotho: remember the link I sent you, it has a better list of spells)
Tint Whistler: 19:14:41
But since L has no pps we might as well search the next room
God: 19:14:56
Obscure Object: 3rd level Cleric, 2nd level Wizard
God: 19:15:02
protects an object from scrying for 8 hours
God: 19:15:07
God: 19:15:27
so since Lotho has no pps and Ory doesn't have that spell, will you take the chit and the chest and go to the next room?
Tint Whistler: 19:15:39
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:15:44
Lotho: 19:15:45
Tint Whistler: 19:15:48
L - you still with us?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:15:51
Tint Whistler: 19:16:06
My Skype keeps indicating that people aren't there
God: 19:16:10
Tint Whistler: 19:16:16
except Ryu - ha ha ha
God: 19:16:19
Lotho, are you lagging?
Lotho: 19:16:26
whats skrying?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:16:35
Ryu seems to be cooking a three course meal + knickerbocker glory
Lotho: 19:16:37
God: 19:16:40
Lotho: scrying is looking at objects magically over a great distance
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:16:57
Maybe Skype should change its name to Scrype
God: 19:17:03
so  you can see people without being there, through a mirror or just in your mind, or from the next room (depending on teh spell)
God: 19:17:32
You ahve a 3rd level spell, Obscure Object, which protects a single object from being seen or located using spells like Scry or Locate Object
God: 19:17:42
It can be useful when you pick up mysterious chit that looks interesting
Lotho: 19:17:50
oh, didn'tknow that, but i have no pps
God: 19:17:55
well, there you go
God: 19:18:00
scry away, bad guys!
Tint Whistler: 19:18:03
"Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the biggest chit on their shoulders?"
God: 19:18:04
into the next room?
God: 19:18:27
THe hunchback of Chitre Dame, I would presume...
God: 19:18:44
anyway, is anyone going to make a decision...?
Tint Whistler: 19:18:52
Room it is!
God: 19:18:57
anyone else disagree?
God: 19:18:59
God: 19:19:00
God: 19:19:03
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:19:03
*still seeking decisive hat*
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:19:08
let's go!
God: 19:19:08
right, into the next room it is...
Lotho: 19:19:17
Tint Whistler: 19:19:25
Room is the dutch word for cream
God: 19:19:29
shifts nervously on ory's hat
God: 19:19:36
God: 19:19:43
that's a strange coincidence
Tint Whistler: 19:19:46
Pronounced differently but still
God: 19:19:48
so you wlak out of this cream and into the next one
Tint Whistler: 19:19:58
Lets get creamed
God: 19:20:02
which is clearly the Chieftain's cream
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:20:02
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:20:07
Cream, get on top...
God: 19:20:22
It has a big rug on the floor, which appears to be made of some kind of bearskin
God: 19:20:36
on one wall is a large piece of abstract art made from the bones of children
God: 19:20:48
and on the other side is the ultimate sign of a sophisticated orc
Tint Whistler: 19:20:52
orc children of course
God: 19:20:58
a low slab of stone held off the ground by other bits of stone
God: 19:21:06
and a kind of low-backed chair for squatting on
Tint Whistler: 19:21:06
ooo a table
God: 19:21:14
made netirely out of the bones of other orcs
Tint Whistler: 19:21:16
damn and I thought he was a reader
God: 19:21:36
on the table is a collection of items, none of which can be used to read or write with
God: 19:21:46
a small cloth bag
God: 19:22:11
a sword scabbard made of silver-plate and gold
God: 19:22:19
a crystal decanter with a gold stopper
Tint Whistler: 19:22:34
L - want to check for traps again? Feeling nervy with so few hp
God: 19:22:36
and, stuffed down the corner of the table, some kidn of tapestry which might actually be worth money
God: 19:23:12
Does Lotho want to search for traps...?
God: 19:24:12
alright, so Lotho isn't here
God: 19:24:25
do you want to search the tabel in his absence?
God: 19:24:32
maybe he's outside picking his nose or something...
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:24:54
Ok, let's have a squiz.
Tint Whistler: 19:24:55
sure - but I suck at searching
God: 19:25:06
there's not much on teh table to sort through..
Tint Whistler: 19:25:12
Tint Whistler: 19:25:20
do we roll?
God: 19:25:21
do a search check
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:25:33
15 poo
God: 19:25:41
Oryndiel only finds the objects I described
Tint Whistler: 19:25:46
hmmm 5
Lotho: 19:25:53
God: 19:25:54
Tint can't even find them...
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:25:55
bloody hell.
Lotho: 19:26:02
God: 19:26:02
Lotho, are you lagging a lot tonight?
Tint Whistler: 19:26:03
Oh I should open my eyes from time to time
God: 19:26:06
or are you off doing other things?
Lotho: 19:26:11
other things
God: 19:26:15
Lotho doesn't find anything either
God: 19:26:22
so it's just what I described
Tint Whistler: 19:26:27
detect magic
God: 19:26:37
everyone roll an appraise check to see what those objects are worth
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:26:56
Tint Whistler: 19:26:58
Lotho: 19:27:08
Tint Whistler: 19:27:12
anything magical?
God: 19:27:12
God: 19:27:16
Tint, nothing magical
Tint Whistler: 19:27:25
God: 19:27:32
The longsword scabbard is worth 700gps
God: 19:27:45
the tapestry is worth 170 gps
God: 19:27:50
the decanter is worth 800 gps
God: 19:28:00
do you want to open the little bag?
Tint Whistler: 19:28:09
God: 19:28:14
inside is 70 pps
God: 19:28:18
and a diamond bracelet
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:28:22
Tint Whistler: 19:28:23
We just got screwed
God: 19:28:29
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:28:38
shall we divvy up the loot now then?
Tint Whistler: 19:28:40
I assume low appraise means bad value
God: 19:28:47
Everyone can do an appraise check on the bracelet...
Tint Whistler: 19:29:00
Lotho: 19:29:04
doesn't bother
Tint Whistler: 19:29:12
L - ha ha
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:29:24
God: 19:29:26
(btw: every item has a difficulty for the appraise check to know its true value. every point below the difficulty that your appraise roll is, I knock 5% off its value)
God: 19:29:37
so for example the difficulty of identifying his bracelet is greater than 25
God: 19:29:46
so I will knock at least 50% off its value when I tell you what it is worth
God: 19:29:52
and that is what you get when you eventually sell it on
God: 19:30:09
anyway the bracelet is worth 800gps
God: 19:30:27
so do you record those objects together?
God: 19:30:33
on your group treasure?
God: 19:30:36
or divvy them up?
Tint Whistler: 19:30:37
Tint Whistler: 19:31:00
Hmm... we have lots to divvy up already - lets add these to them
Tint Whistler: 19:31:13
Do it all at one go later
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:31:13
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:31:19
will add to "to divvy" list.
Tint Whistler: 19:31:21
Lotho: 19:31:41
Tint Whistler: 19:31:50
do you agree?
Lotho: 19:31:55
Tint Whistler: 19:31:55
Lotho: 19:31:56
God: 19:32:05
Lotho yuops
God: 19:32:10
I take that as agreement
God: 19:32:24
in between "yes" and "you need an operation for those fudubaduhs"
God: 19:32:28
God: 19:32:29
God: 19:32:32
there is no key in here
Lotho: 19:32:33
ryu must be cooking up a banquet
God: 19:32:45
indeed he must...
God: 19:32:47
Tint Whistler: 19:32:50
Let's check the witchdoctor's body for the key
God: 19:32:58
do you wander over to the witchdoctor and the next cavern
God: 19:32:59
Lotho: 19:33:20
God: 19:33:34
God: 19:33:41
off you walk, across the cavern to the Eastern door
God: 19:33:57
the door opens into a big, dark cavern that you can only see very dimly from the light of the cavern you are in
God: 19:34:05
it seems to be full of boxes and the like but you can't tell for sure
God: 19:34:17
the Witchdoctor is smoking (in the intransitive sense) in the doorway
God: 19:34:24
you rifle through his steaming corpse and find
God: 19:34:39
a key
God: 19:34:43
a small bottle of something
God: 19:34:47
some jewellery
God: 19:34:52
and a scroll in a scroll cas
God: 19:34:53
Lotho: 19:35:30
so, back to the lock?
Tint Whistler: 19:35:37
Nope I have the box here.
Ryu: 19:35:45
God: 19:35:47
the key appears to fit the lock of hte box that Tint is carrying
Ryu: 19:35:50
sorry guys.
Ryu: 19:35:52
God: 19:35:56
God: 19:36:01
the recalcitrant!
Tint Whistler: 19:36:03
Hey ryu - morning dude
God: 19:36:04
has arrived!
God: 19:36:18
(now that labour is back in power we can use the r-word with impunity)
God: 19:36:28
Ryu: 19:36:28
i'm eating now, continueplease
God: 19:36:34
Tint, do you open the lock?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:36:44
Pandora's Box!
Lotho: 19:36:46
would you like me to?
Lotho: 19:36:48
i ahve more hps
Tint Whistler: 19:36:54
Yup - many thanks
Tint Whistler: 19:37:00
I'll just back away a little.
Lotho: 19:37:01
God: 19:37:03
Lotho opens the box...
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:37:08
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:37:20
Lotho opens? that's a bit rude
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:37:33
God: 19:37:35
revealing a fairly largish bag of coins, and a book made of human skin
Ryu: 19:37:56
hi tint
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:37:59
Oo. Can we check the book?
Tint Whistler: 19:38:05
Sure it's human skin, could be halfling or elvish. Perhaps dwarvish?
God: 19:38:08
you can... who wants to use read magic?
God: 19:38:24
good point Tint. Perhaps I should have said Humanoid. Or just "icky"
Lotho: 19:38:32
detect magic?
God: 19:38:34
ponders the limits of this mortal thing, "language"
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:38:47
Does anyone have tweezers with which to turn the pages?
God: 19:38:49
Lotho: detect magic will tell you if it is magic, but you can't use it
God: 19:38:55
you have 0 pps, so you can't use spells
Lotho: 19:39:00
0 level
Tint Whistler: 19:39:05
De-fur-ed cat skin
God: 19:39:08
0pps=0 spells
God: 19:39:22
Tint: cat skin has many blotches all over it, this is clean skin
Lotho: 19:39:31
even 0-level spells?
Tint Whistler: 19:39:33
I'll cast read and detect magic on the other stuff
God: 19:39:33
Lotho: 19:39:44
how come tint can?
God: 19:39:49
everyone can
Tint Whistler: 19:39:51
God: 19:39:54
they're 0 level spells
Lotho: 19:40:04
God: 19:40:05
anyone with Pps can cast them...
God: 19:40:11
God: 19:40:12
Lotho: 19:40:13
God: 19:40:32
one of the witchdoctor's rings, the book, the scroll and the potion are all magic
God: 19:40:38
who wants to use read magic on the book?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:40:51
*puts hand up*
God: 19:40:52
(Read Magic enables you to determine the contents of hte book)
God: 19:41:00
Ory: if it is cursed, you get the curse
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:41:08
Oh ...
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:41:15
can't we check for damned curses?
God: 19:41:19
Tint Whistler: 19:41:24
Yup once we rest - Lotho would have the spell
God: 19:41:28
wouldn't be a very effective curse would it?
God: 19:41:36
but once Lotho rests he can remove curses
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:41:38
I really don't fancy getting warts, or my willy falling off
God: 19:41:39
God: 19:41:50
(Ory's willy being hte only wart he has...)
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:41:56
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:41:59
God: 19:42:08
returns his superpowerful microscope to its case
God: 19:42:17
so you wanna read the book?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:42:17
Well, I suppose I should read it then ...
God: 19:42:23
rubs his hands together in glee...
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:42:32
God: 19:42:39
It's the witchdoctor's spellbook
God: 19:42:40
God: 19:42:53
magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, protection from good, true strike, shocking grasp; protection from arrows, resist energy, spectral hand; lightning bolt, heroism
God: 19:43:02
all spells you can learn and use
Lotho: 19:43:04
magic missile!
God: 19:43:19
I should note that heroism + stoneskin on a ranger will be quite an effective combination
Lotho: 19:43:25
recalls Dr Demento
Tint Whistler: 19:43:31
If only that ranger had some hp
God: 19:43:37
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:43:52
Hee hee - ray of enfeeblement sounds so ... pathetic.
God: 19:43:59
disappears momentarily, for even immortals must occasionally ... wee
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:44:04
Like if you use it, the demon will turn into a dweeb.
Lotho: 19:44:07
... feeble even?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:44:10
Ray of endweeblement.
Lotho: 19:44:20
haha, thats cool
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:44:47
And magic missile recalls to  mind King Missile and that godawful song ..
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:44:51
God: 19:45:17
God: 19:45:23
Ray of Enfeeblement is pretty crap
God: 19:45:26
but magic missile has many advantages
God: 19:45:29
it never misses
God: 19:45:35
and almost no creature has resistance to it
God: 19:45:41
(except spell resistance of course)
Tint Whistler: 19:45:44
Enfeeblement is good against fighters
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:45:44
God: 19:45:48
this is true
God: 19:45:55
lightning bolt is also damn fine
God: 19:46:23
so is Oryndiel going to take the spell book and learn the spells therein, thus becoming a throbbngly powerful (though sadly wartily endowed) elf?
Tint Whistler: 19:46:47
Why don't we wait to see what the other goodies are?
God: 19:46:56
you mean rest here...?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:47:10
Yes, I want throbbing power!
God: 19:47:11
only one other person (Ryu) can use this spellbook to learn spells
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:47:11
Tint Whistler: 19:47:19
No I mean we check out the next room then head back to the boat.
God: 19:47:29
there are 3 rooms still to check Tint...
God: 19:47:37
teh Eastern cavern is right here though...
Tint Whistler: 19:47:37
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:47:42
... and I bet something is lurking in one of 'em ...
God: 19:47:52
but before we go on, does Ory get the spell book?
Lotho: 19:47:54
the bird thing came from this door
Lotho: 19:48:10
what if it's owner is here?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:48:14
*rubs hands* I want it!
Lotho: 19:48:14
we're done for
God: 19:48:20
very true...
God: 19:48:25
does everyone agree to Ory taking the book?
Lotho: 19:48:30
Ryu: 19:48:31
Tint Whistler: 19:48:31
God: Which one of these entrences did I come though before I met the group?
Tint Whistler: 19:48:36
God: 19:48:47
Tint: you don't know, you were hidden in a box
Tint Whistler: 19:48:52
God: 19:49:02
(which is hwy you couldn't warn everyone about the Vrock)
God: 19:49:06
do you go into the room...?
Tint Whistler: 19:49:15
Perhaps someone could go invisible or sneak in – a quick peek.
God: 19:49:26
hmm, well, the best sneakers are Ory and Lotho...
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:50:04
i have a scroll of invis that i cd use
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:50:19
so I'm willing for a shilling
Tint Whistler: 19:50:28
Perhaps save it, just sneak in.
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:50:36
Tint Whistler: 19:50:39
Save it for when you really need to get away
God: 19:50:40
Tint, that seems overly cautious to me
God: 19:50:43
with the scroll I mean
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:50:59
or I cd send in ferretty
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:51:06
he hasn't had a work out in a while
Lotho: 19:51:07
don't i have some kinda cloak/ring?
Lotho: 19:51:13
i'm happy to sneak
God: 19:51:16
hastily scrabbles through his monster manual, looking for a ferrett-eating demon
God: 19:51:25
Lotho I think you do - cloak of elvenkind...?
God: 19:51:31
makes you super good at sneaking?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:51:42
maybe the cloaks better than risking ferret
God: 19:52:09
yells "Ah yes, the Greater Spotted Weasel-Munching Balrog-Killing Demon!"
Lotho: 19:52:20
yeah, i have that cloak
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:52:21
Ok, let's cloak.
God: 19:52:27
Lotho, make a move silently check
God: 19:52:39
do you have the effect of the cloak added to your move silently skill?
Tint Whistler: 19:52:40
was that the Balrog-Munching Deamon-Killing weasel?
Lotho: 19:52:53
Lotho: 19:53:09
Lotho: 19:53:13
how would i add that?
God: 19:53:20
Lotho sneaks into the room, which is maybe 30m in diameter
God: 19:53:38
(Lotho: it only affects your hide skill, write "5" in the magic column of your hide skill)
God: 19:53:46
The room is dark but Lotho's eyes soon adjust
God: 19:53:54
there are many boxes and crates around the sides of the room
God: 19:54:08
at the far end of the room from the entry is a huge system of pulleys and levers
God: 19:54:14
ponders the plural of pulley
God: 19:54:33
you move over to investigate, and see that it is a lift , like might be found in a mine shaft
God: 19:54:40
clearly of Goblin design
Lotho: 19:54:42
are there any doors/corridors off this room?
God: 19:54:48
there is no-one living (or undead) in this room
God: 19:54:50
and no other exits
Lotho: 19:55:01
doesthe lift go up or down, or both?
God: 19:55:04
the lift is like a platform that can be raised or lowered
God: 19:55:09
from here it only goes down
God: 19:55:23
by the lenght of the chain, you would judge it goes 100'
Lotho: 19:55:23
God: 19:55:24
or so
God: 19:55:32
Lotho: make a search check
God: 19:55:35
sorry a spot check
Lotho: 19:55:58
God: 19:56:07
don't see anything of interest
God: 19:56:10
wanna search teh crates?
Lotho: 19:56:19
yeah, sure, shall i go get the others?
God: 19:56:26
as you like...
Lotho: 19:56:37
tells em its safe in here
God: 19:56:49
does everyone enter?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:56:56
puts his search mittens on
God: 19:56:58
Tint Whistler: 19:57:08
God: 19:57:12
you spend maybe 30 minutes searching the crates but there is nothing interesting
Lotho: 19:57:13
hrm, given god's reaction, maybe you all shouldnt
God: 19:57:16
supplies for a large orc tribe
God: 19:57:17
God: 19:57:25
God: 19:57:26
God: 19:57:29
that sort of thing
Lotho: 19:57:32
so the qn, do we wanna go down?
Tint Whistler: 19:57:34
I follow ryu in
God: 19:57:43
you also find the Vrocks nest, hidden in a nook above the lift
Tint Whistler: 19:57:50
Can we lock the shaft, so that nothing comes up?
God: 19:57:54
it contains 130pps and a small bag with 8 gems in it
God: 19:58:01
Tint: yes
God: 19:58:10
anyone wanna do an appraise check on the gems?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:58:20
Lotho: 19:58:26
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:58:33
Tint Whistler: 19:58:38
22 - natural 20!
God: 19:58:41
(btw guys your poor appraise skills have probably cost you close to 5000gps so far this campaign)
God: 19:58:48
Tint: each gem is worth 90gps
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:58:51
Tint Whistler: 19:58:52
God: 19:59:25
God: 19:59:44
so Ory, record another 130 pps and 8 amethysts, 90gps each
God: 19:59:47
there is nowt else in here
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 19:59:51
God: 19:59:53
Tint: wanna lock the lift shut?
Tint Whistler: 20:00:05
What does everyone else think?
Lotho: 20:00:12
God: 20:00:19
btw everyone this is how Tint got in here
Tint Whistler: 20:00:44
i.e. this is the entrance to the shade-reefs
God: 20:00:44
Tint knows where this lift comes from: 100' down is an unloading bay, connected to a nearby railway station
Lotho: 20:00:46
.. from somewhere further underground?
God: 20:01:02
the railway station is used by a goblin underground steam train network, by which Tint came here
Tint Whistler: 20:01:04
Steam trains going around left and right underground!
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:01:18
Better than the Tube
Tint Whistler: 20:01:20
Hitched a ride - via the cooks
God: 20:01:34
one option is to go down there and explore that network, but obviously you need to finish up here first
God: 20:01:42
particulalry, there is the small mater of those slaves...
Lotho: 20:01:56
and health and restoration
Tint Whistler: 20:01:57
Haven't we found them already?
God: 20:02:12
tint: there are more down here somewhere (this is why you came this far without resting)
Tint Whistler: 20:02:12
We saved some slaves a few sessions ago.
Tint Whistler: 20:02:19
God: 20:02:49
so what do you all do?
God: 20:02:57
lock the lift shut? (You can unlock it later)
Tint Whistler: 20:03:16
Hey guys I have a map of the rail network - or part of it.
Tint Whistler: 20:03:32
God - do I have any idea how often they come past here?
Lotho: 20:03:36
yeah, lock it. next cave/corridor
God: 20:03:39
not often, Tin
God: 20:03:40
Tint Whistler: 20:03:48
Cool. Lets lock it.
God: 20:03:52
you recall that the train network isn't exactly for mass transit
God: 20:03:58
one needs to specially charter trains
Tint Whistler: 20:03:59
sent file "Tintmap.jpg" to members of this chat
God: 20:04:01
they don't come often
Tint Whistler: 20:04:34
I lock the shaft and follow lotho towards the next caverns
God: 20:04:35
so if you wait a day or two it is unlikely that you will be distrubed by a new trainload of ... whatever
God: 20:04:37
God: 20:04:43
so you all go back into the main cavern?
Lotho: 20:05:01
new slaves?
Lotho: 20:05:05
God: 20:05:08
God: 20:05:12
so you are back in the main cavern
God: 20:05:16
there are 2 remaining exits
God: 20:05:19
the south exit
God: 20:05:21
or the West
God: 20:05:28
where do you go?
Lotho: 20:05:28
do we have to check them?
God: 20:05:39
Lotho: you can leave the slaves to die
Tint Whistler: 20:05:45
Do they look well used exits - i.e. worn floors etc.
Lotho: 20:05:45
God: 20:05:46
but they are either in those caverns or down that lift
God: 20:05:51
tint: yes
Tint Whistler: 20:06:03
Are either of the doors locked from this side?
Lotho: 20:06:05
lets go the closest one then, south
Tint Whistler: 20:06:08
God: 20:06:14
Ory, disagree?agree?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:06:17
God: 20:06:22
you head to teh south door
God: 20:06:24
it is locked
God: 20:06:30
with a simple bar over this side
God: 20:06:37
you lift the bar?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:06:45
trap check
God: 20:06:49
Lotho, roll it
Tint Whistler: 20:06:51
good idea
Lotho: 20:07:12
um, search?
God: 20:07:20
Lotho: 20:07:21
God: 20:07:24
No traps
God: 20:07:30
lift the bar
God: 20:07:31
Lotho: 20:07:36
God: 20:07:53
you unlock the door and open it, revealing a short hallway lit by torches in sconces
God: 20:07:58
at the far end is another door
Lotho: 20:08:06
God: 20:08:12
Lotho: 20:08:23
God: 20:08:33
you hear the sound of slaves talking quietly to one another in Dunlending
Lotho: 20:08:56
guess theres not likely to be orcs if they're talking
Lotho: 20:08:57
God: 20:09:10
do you go down?
God: 20:09:12
to the door?
Lotho: 20:09:15
God: 20:09:18
Tint Whistler: 20:09:21
check for traps!
Lotho: 20:09:27
God: 20:09:38
you head down towards the next door, and as you descend you smell the stench of lots of people kept in a confined space
Lotho: 20:09:39
24 all the way
Lotho: 20:09:46
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:09:53
what a whiff
God: 20:09:55
there are no traps in teh hallway, and the door at the end is barred in the same way as the first one
Tint Whistler: 20:09:59
humans are so smelly!
God: 20:10:02
as you apprach they go quiet
God: 20:10:13
Lotho, do you open the next door?
Lotho: 20:10:13
how do they know?
Lotho: 20:10:18
God: 20:10:33
the door opens into a small room, maybe 30m diameter
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:10:34
they think we are orcies
Lotho: 20:10:44
we're not that noisy
God: 20:10:45
it contains 14 men, 19women, 8 children
God: 20:10:49
they are all clustered around the walls
Tint Whistler: 20:10:53
Except for the height, smell, weapons.
God: 20:11:08
all of them are obviously starved, weak from hunger and thirst
God: 20:11:16
they shrink back away from the door and the light when you open it
God: 20:11:20
(the door that is)
Lotho: 20:11:26
it's okay, wer're gonna get you out of here
Tint Whistler: 20:11:31
Who speaks Dunedling?
God: 20:11:54
One of them speaks up in common, asking who you are
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:12:25
(no dunlending for me)
God: 20:12:32
common = westron
God: 20:12:35
God: 20:12:44
Lotho, you can speak Westron, so can you Tint
God: 20:12:48
you two are the charismatic ones...
Tint Whistler: 20:12:52
L - tell em we be heros!
God: 20:13:03
not that it takes much charisma to convince anyone of much in these circumstances...
Lotho: 20:13:06
we've come to help you get out of here
God: 20:13:24
They come to believe Lotho quickly, and come shambling forward to leave the room
God: 20:13:28
you lead them up to the cavern?
Tint Whistler: 20:13:46
Lotho: 20:13:48
hrm, "do you know if there is anyone else down here"?
God: 20:14:24
the young woman who spoke westron tells you (after a suitable expression of shock at the sight of their captors all dead on teh floor) that as far as they know this is the furthest extent of the Orc caverns
Lotho: 20:14:28
can we give them some of the orc food? is it edible?
God: 20:14:38
the Westernmost door leads to the cavern where htey store the undead
God: 20:14:46
sometimes slaves were taken there as food, or to be used as undead
God: 20:14:53
they were taunted wtih this knowledge
Lotho: 20:14:54
eep, well we definately don't wanna go there there
Tint Whistler: 20:14:54
L - orc food is dead humans
Lotho: 20:15:07
haha, mmk
God: 20:15:08
what Tint said
Lotho: 20:15:09
lets go then
God: 20:15:19
two of the slaves need to be healed before htey can be moved
Tint Whistler: 20:15:20
What about the undead?
Lotho: 20:15:24
we have lots of slaves to feed
Lotho: 20:15:28
can anyone else heal?
Tint Whistler: 20:15:34
Ryu: 20:15:39
II have potions
God: 20:15:40
potions anyone...?
Tint Whistler: 20:15:46
I'm out
Ryu: 20:15:47
do we still have cohorts?
Ryu: 20:15:50
I have potions
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:15:50
potion light and serious wounds
God: 20:15:53
Ryu: yes
God: 20:15:58
a light will do the job
Lotho: 20:15:59
i have 1 potion of healing
Ryu: 20:16:12
cohorts lead slaves out?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:16:17
I give 'em my light wounds potion
God: 20:16:22
Ryu: that can be arranged
Lotho: 20:16:22
Tint Whistler: 20:16:31
My cohort will lead them out
Ryu: 20:16:34
I have 7 potions of light healing
God: 20:16:39
Oryndiel gives the potion of cure light wounds to the 2 dying slaves, keeping them at deaths door
Lotho: 20:16:42
we dont wanna do anything else down here do we?
God: 20:16:53
Ryu, feel free ot give some of those potiosn to the dying slaves..
God: 20:16:55
Tint Whistler: 20:17:03
How about clearing out the undead!
God: 20:17:09
Lotho: besides the lift there is only one other exit, the door to teh Undead
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:17:20
I hate undead! Grrrr!
Ryu: 20:17:22
As a monk, I give as many as necessary of my light potions to bring back the near-dead slaves to health
Lotho: 20:17:23
i have 1 potion and 2 cure moderate
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:17:28
(they are my favoured enemy)
God: 20:17:32
Ryu: 2 will do
Ryu: 20:17:38
two then
God: 20:17:40
knock off the potions you used, kiddies
Tint Whistler: 20:17:41
Can we rest first?
Ryu: 20:17:56
that would be good
God: 20:18:00
Tint Whistler: 20:18:01
I'm kinda exhausted
God: 20:18:02
in this room?
Lotho: 20:18:06
Lotho: 20:18:13
we either deal with them now or leave them
Lotho: 20:18:21
i'm not hanging around down here for longer than i have to
Ryu: 20:18:30
the undead?
God: 20:18:32
Lotho: remember you have the power to destroy, rebuke or control undead
Lotho: 20:18:33
God: 20:18:37
it is independent of your pps
Tint Whistler: 20:18:41
Tint Whistler: 20:18:54
how are Ryu and Ory?
Lotho: 20:18:59
god: yeah, chances are it will only affect 1 or 2 of many
Ryu: 20:19:04
I'm fine. Just low on power points
Tint Whistler: 20:19:10
Ryu: 20:19:51
Too bad we can't fireball the undead. I'm assuming we're not high on pps here.
Lotho: 20:19:53
i have 5 turn undeads
Tint Whistler: 20:19:54
Ryu could I use one or two of your healing potions? I'm on 6ph
Tint Whistler: 20:19:57
Ryu: 20:20:06
You can even use the heavy wounds one if you want
Tint Whistler: 20:20:09
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:20:15
soz. I'm low on hit points
Tint Whistler: 20:20:18
Lotho has a staff with fireballs
Lotho: 20:20:24
can i use that?
God: 20:20:24
Ryu: by heavy do you mean "serious", "moderate" or "critical"
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:20:25
so am taking a serioous wounds potion
Lotho: 20:20:32
gives ory a cure moderate wounds
Ryu: 20:20:36
Sorry , cure serious wounds
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:20:36
God: 20:20:41
Ryu: 20:20:42
Ryu: 20:20:46
would that do you Tint?
Lotho: 20:20:52
retracts that
Tint Whistler: 20:20:58
yup - 15 hp
Ryu: 20:21:03
Tint Whistler: 20:21:18
I'm on 21 now (somewhat less than max, but okay)
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:21:19
(rolled 17 for serious wounds)
God: 20:21:41
God: 20:21:46
so you open the western door?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:22:11
(i'm on full hps and ready to stomp some undead arse!)
Ryu: 20:22:20
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:22:20
check for traps
God: 20:22:28
Lotho, roll for trap checking...
God: 20:22:31
Tint Whistler: 20:22:43
I have a scroll of rage - I could use it on Ryu
Tint Whistler: 20:22:51
Ryu - would that interest you?
Ryu: 20:22:57
Ryu: 20:23:06
berserk me
Lotho: 20:23:11
ug, 18
Tint Whistler: 20:23:13
God - how does rage work?
God: 20:23:21
Tint: will check ina mo
God: 20:23:28
I would wait till you see the whites fo tehir innards
God: 20:23:32
Rage never lasts long
God: 20:23:34
Lotho: no traps
God: 20:23:45
open teh door?
Lotho: 20:23:45
do undead make noise?
God: 20:23:50
not usually
Ryu: 20:23:52
Would does it take to turn undead into a walking torch with a fire shuriken, or doesn't it work that way?
God: 20:23:54
except when bits fall off them
Lotho: 20:23:55
k, opening
Tint Whistler: 20:24:00
rattling chains
God: 20:24:04
Ryu: mummies it works on
God: 20:24:11
Lotho opens the door, which is, mysteriously, unlocked
Ryu: 20:24:12
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:24:17
Lotho: 20:24:24
why is that mysterious?
God: 20:24:24
beyond is a 5m wide tunnel leading off into darkness
God: 20:24:26
you follow?
Lotho: 20:24:32
Ryu: 20:24:42
How does an unlocked door keep in undead?
God: 20:24:48
(Lotho: if you were in a cavern, adn the next room contained, say, let's guess, 50 mummies - wouldn't you lock the door?)
Lotho: 20:24:49
can anyone detect undead?
Lotho: 20:24:50
God: 20:24:55
Lotho might be able to...
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:25:02
Lotho: 20:25:15
without pps?
Ryu: 20:25:25
Do my holy fists have extra damage against undead?
Tint Whistler: 20:25:32
I have a 0pps light spell
God: 20:25:43
Ryu: not anymore
God: 20:25:53
Lotho, no that's right, you are down to the seat of your pants here
Tint Whistler: 20:25:55
Dancing lights & Light can I send that down the corridor?
God: 20:25:57
do you go donw the tunnel?
God: 20:26:05
Tint: you can send dancing lights ahead
God: 20:26:07
if you like
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:26:09
nowt against undead except for a Hide from Undead Potion
Lotho: 20:26:16
Tint Whistler: 20:26:24
Guys what do you think? If we see something L can fireball their asses
Lotho: 20:26:33
lights, or a sunrod or something please?
Lotho: 20:26:45
i dont think i can
Ryu: 20:26:48
I have sunrods
Tint Whistler: 20:26:49
I send the dancing lights down the corridor.
Lotho: 20:26:53
i cant use my staff can i god?
God: 20:27:08
Lotho, you can use your staff becausei t is an item
Ryu: 20:27:08
Just 1 sunrod left.
Lotho: 20:27:14
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:27:21
casts circle against evil
God: 20:27:22
also Ory can still cast fireball
Lotho: 20:27:24
so, can we see anythhing?
God: 20:28:03
once the sunrods are lit and the dancing lights go dancing down teh hallway, you can see that it goes for about 100m ahead
God: 20:28:07
there is no sign of undead
God: 20:28:10
do you go down the hallway?
Lotho: 20:28:14
door at the end?
God: 20:28:18
God: 20:28:24
it turns right after 100m
Lotho: 20:28:27
gah, i smell a trap
Lotho: 20:28:30
but okay, lets go
Ryu: 20:28:36
I also smell rotting flesh
God: 20:28:36
no, you smell rotten corpses
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:28:36
damned blind corner!
God: 20:28:39
but same same, really
God: 20:28:45
you walk to the corner...
Lotho: 20:28:50
Tint Whistler: 20:28:51
me last
Tint Whistler: 20:29:01
crossbow at the ready
God: 20:29:04
the corridor doesn't turn suddenly, instead curving slowly around before heading north
Tint Whistler: 20:29:17
O - can you cast fire arrows on my bolts?
God: 20:29:18
after 30m or so it widens into a big cavern
Lotho: 20:29:21
still no undead, or anything else?
God: 20:29:27
Lotho, no undead yet
God: 20:29:33
do you enter the cavern
Ryu: 20:29:34
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:29:39
aye tint
Lotho: 20:29:42
no door?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:29:48
God: 20:29:51
no doo
God: 20:29:52
Lotho: 20:29:57
k, lets go
God: 20:29:58
do you go in?
God: 20:30:03
order of entry please!
Tint Whistler: 20:30:08
Can we see the roof?
God: 20:30:12
(you can go in 2 abreast)
Lotho: 20:30:19
ryu and i?
Ryu: 20:30:28
Who's got the fireyballs?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:30:35
I have a fiery ball
Lotho: 20:30:36
i can fire balls
God: 20:30:42
God: 20:30:44
who is in first?
Lotho: 20:30:46
has staff in hand
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:30:48
balls ahoy
God: 20:30:52
2x2 they entered the ark...
Ryu: 20:30:53
I'll walk in with Loth
God: 20:31:03
so Ryu and Lotho followed by Ory and Tint?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:31:08
Tint Whistler: 20:31:12
Ryu: 20:31:12
God: 20:31:12
(recall Ory will be itching to get in there...)
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:31:23
Lotho: 20:31:24
ory can go first if he prefers ...
God: 20:31:30
As you enter the cavern, I want everyone to make a spot check
Lotho: 20:31:44
spot 23
Ryu: 20:31:49
Ryu: 20:31:53
sorry 25
Tint Whistler: 20:31:57
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:32:07
Tint Whistler: 20:32:27
I really need to learn to open my eyes when spotting
Lotho: 20:32:32
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:32:34
God: 20:32:40
as you enter the cavern Ryu sees a pair of Runes - in the shape of the 2 tears of black and red you have seen on holy symbols earlier - one each side of the tunnel
God: 20:32:49
they are aligned with each other
Lotho: 20:32:53
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:32:54
Tint Whistler: 20:32:57
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:32:59
God: 20:33:05
anyoen wanna check for traps...?
Lotho: 20:33:12
ah huh
Tint Whistler: 20:33:15
detect magic
Lotho: 20:33:22
search 31
Tint Whistler: 20:33:35
L checking for traps = 8-|
God: 20:33:39
no traps lotho, those sigils are some kind of barrier, as Ory suggested
God: 20:33:52
so, do you continue?
Lotho: 20:33:59
Ryu: 20:34:02
God: 20:34:07
The tunnel widens before opening into a large cavern, which is poorly lit by multiple torches in sconces at random points around the walls. The tunnel of the cavern is only 10' high, but there is little smoke from the torches. Somewhere in the northern side of the cavern you can dimly see a bonfire smouldering, it's light glittering on a large pool of water. This pool has been created by damming a stream, and from the end of the pool nearest to you a smaller, faster-flowing stream runs out of the Eastern wall of the cavern. In the middle of the cavern is a huge column of rough rock, from which more rooms have been hewn. The whole cavern stinks of rotting flesh, and in the distance you can see the slow movement of animated corpses. As you enter the cavern they all turn to look at you, their eyes glittering in the gloom; and then they begin to shuffle towards you.
Lotho: 20:34:07
barrier to keep the undead in
Ryu: 20:34:09
So that's how they keep the undead in here
Ryu: 20:34:32
How many?
Ryu: 20:34:43
And can tanglefoot bags work in here?
Tint Whistler: 20:34:47
fire those balls
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:34:53
I'm ready!
Lotho: 20:35:03
puts a firewall up first
Lotho: 20:35:10
can the firewalls move?
God: 20:35:18
well, there is a room just ahead of you, and off to the right in that pillar of rock are a couple more doors
Ryu: 20:35:18
pee break for me
God: 20:35:31
emerging from them are, in total, 8 skeletons and 6 zombies
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:35:45
crucial moment, Ryu needs to urinate! 
Tint Whistler: 20:36:03
cast rage on Ryu as he tries to pee
God: 20:36:04
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:36:10
prepares arrows with fiery heads
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:36:20
That'll be the angriest wee he's ever done.
God: 20:36:23
Lotho, the firewall can't move but any creature approaching it takes 2d4 damage, any creature passing through it takes 2d6, and Undead take double
God: 20:36:34
It lasts as long as ou concentrate + 1 round
Lotho: 20:36:41
cool, firewall then i guess
God: 20:36:43
so knock off the pps and prepare to watch the candles
Tint Whistler: 20:36:48
good call +  we can shoot them from this side.
God: 20:36:55
the zombies and skeletons approach
Ryu: 20:37:07
I pee angrily
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:37:15
:@ not pretty
God: 20:37:20
After 2 rounds they reach teh wall - this is maybe 20 seconds of waiting - during which Ory and Tint can shoot at them if they like
Ryu: 20:37:23
Tint Whistler: 20:37:28
Can I shoot them as they approach
God: 20:37:32
Ryu: 20:37:33
I have shurikens
God: 20:37:36
pick a target and roll
Ryu: 20:37:37
I'll use mine
God: 20:37:44
there are 8 skeletons, 6 zombies
Tint Whistler: 20:37:58
A zombie - how many shots?
God: 20:38:21
dunno - 1 I think
God: 20:38:27
should be on your character sheet
Lotho: 20:38:31
oo, i can use shortbow?
God: 20:38:32
but one per round, so 2
God: 20:38:34
Lotho, yes
Ryu: 20:38:41
To chuck a tanglefoot bag, it'll haveta go through the firewall, doesn't it.
God: 20:38:42
you get 2 attacks a round
Lotho: 20:38:44
i'm just gonna assume i have arrows for it
God: 20:38:46
Ryu: don't bother
God: 20:38:50
good assumption Lotho
God: 20:38:57
roll 'em kids
Tint Whistler: 20:38:57
20, 17
God: 20:39:14
Tint hits a zombie twice - roll damage Tint (+1d6 per arrow for fire)
Lotho: 20:39:30
what do you roll to attack again?
God: 20:39:33
Oh actually Lotho you can't use your bow - you have to concentrate on the wall
Ryu: 20:39:39
17, 13 for shuriken
Lotho: 20:39:43
oh. k.
Tint Whistler: 20:39:47
13 normal 9 fire damage
God: 20:40:24
Tint mows down one zombie
God: 20:40:32
hits it twice and watches it drop flaming to the ground
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:40:35
23, 18, 16 rapid shot longbow
Lotho: 20:40:37
not a bad fighter tint!
Ryu: 20:40:43
Tint Whistler: 20:40:51
O - you get double for 2 rounds
God: 20:40:58
Ory hits another zombie with 3 flame arrows - roll damage Ory (1d8+1d6+ your bonus)
Tint Whistler: 20:41:05
L - first time in my life!
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:42:11
11, 11, 14
God: 20:42:22
Ory roll your next round attacks
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:42:33
18, 26, 10
God: 20:42:40
Ory fires 3 flaming arrows into 1 zombie, turning it into a complete flaming wreck, then smacks the second one to within an inch of its life
Ryu: 20:42:43
28, 23
God: 20:42:50
then he hits the second one again, and a third
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:43:23
17, 11, 18
God: 20:43:38
the second one dies, and then the third one almost dies
God: 20:43:49
Ryu, you hit that one twice and it dies
God: 20:43:56
then the rest reach teh wall
God: 20:44:07
Lotho, roll the damage for the wall: 2d4+ 2d6, all x2
Lotho: 20:44:47
God: 20:45:12
the remainign zombies and skeletons burst into flames as they approach teh wall and fall through it as a pile of incandescent corpses
Lotho: 20:45:21
God: 20:45:24
Beyond, you can see 8 more zombies and 4 more skeletons approaching
Ryu: 20:45:25
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:45:27
Lotho: 20:45:29
Lotho: 20:45:42
God: 20:45:46
now as a little tip here I shouldmention it is unlikely that any zombie or skeleton can make it through the wall
Tint Whistler: 20:45:49
Tint Whistler: 20:46:04
But I'm hitting things for the first time in my little life
God: 20:46:04
so let's just roll the damage for the wall shall we, and if anyone survives we can backtrack to calculate their remainign damage?
Tint Whistler: 20:46:12
God: 20:46:14
that's because htey're zombies
Lotho: 20:46:22
eep, 16
God: 20:46:30
Lotho: roll damage for the wall on the next set, which are coming from further away
God: 20:46:35
they all die as they shamble into the wall
Lotho: 20:46:35
just did
God: 20:46:48
now you cannot see any more evidence of undead
God: 20:46:58
do you want to drop the wall and enter the cavern to hunt down any remaining beasties?
Lotho: 20:47:00
i like hte way you phrase that
Lotho: 20:47:17
guess we do
Lotho: 20:47:25
unless more come if we wait?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:47:28
Grrrr, undead, grrrr.
God: 20:47:30
you can wait...
God: 20:47:34
you wait...
God: 20:47:37
you wait a bit more...
God: 20:47:38
none come...
Tint Whistler: 20:47:41
Can I send dancing lights int there
Lotho: 20:47:41
ok kill the wall
God: 20:47:42
gonna go in?
God: 20:47:47
Tint, yes
Ryu: 20:47:49
So. I guess we go in then.
Tint Whistler: 20:47:50
lights away
God: 20:47:56
tint sends dancing lights in before Lotho kills teh wall
God: 20:48:19
Tint you can send them straight ahead twoards the lake, or left between teh wall and the cetnral rock pillar
God: 20:48:20
which way?
Tint Whistler: 20:48:30
from left to right
God: 20:48:43
do you send them in and then bring them back, like a lure?
Tint Whistler: 20:48:51
God: 20:48:55
left first?
Tint Whistler: 20:48:59
God: 20:49:22
you send the lights dancing off into the darkness, between teh pillar of rock in teh centre and the southern wall
Tint Whistler: 20:49:25
I could also send in an illusion of us.
God: 20:49:40
after a round or two, your lights come dancing back under your command, followed by another 4 zombies and 4 skeletons
Tint Whistler: 20:49:48
God: 20:49:51
shambling along in their somniferous way
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:49:56
God: 20:49:57
Lotho, roll for wall damage...
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:50:09
somniferous is a big word for a Wednesday night ...
Lotho: 20:50:11
Lotho: 20:50:23
i think they die
Ryu: 20:50:27
big word for any night
God: 20:50:30
those Undead burst into flame as they approach the wall, and disappear in a flaming mess in front of it
God: 20:51:05
Tint sends his lights dancing out again towards the pond, and draws theem back after a few more moments, followed this time by 4 skeletons, and 4 fast-moving corpses with limpid, glowing eyes
God: 20:51:19
these corpses move fast, hugging the shadows, and have long, wickd claws and nasty teeth
God: 20:51:25
still, they hit the wall...
God: 20:51:28
Lotho, roll
Lotho: 20:51:36
Lotho: 20:51:38
dead dead
God: 20:51:48
the fast-moving corpses pile throught he wall, but they die
Lotho: 20:51:50
or not?
God: 20:51:53
the skeletons burn up on approach
Lotho: 20:52:10
Lotho: 20:52:13
what were they?
God: 20:52:22
lacedons - ghouls that live in water
God: 20:52:24
nothing serious
Lotho: 20:52:27
Lotho: 20:52:32
so we done here then?
Tint Whistler: 20:52:43
to the right still
God: 20:52:44
after a few minutes more dangling about of lights, no more undead approach
God: 20:52:59
Tint - the right is empty
Lotho: 20:53:03
don't spose theres any reason to search this place is there?
God: 20:53:04
I will send you a map of the cavern
Tint Whistler: 20:53:04
God: 20:53:14
sent file Undead Storage.jpg to members of this chat
God: 20:53:31
Lotho: you should probably look around...
Lotho: 20:53:39
thats a big pic
Ryu: 20:53:47
Undead storage. By tupperware? keeps them nice and fresh-y
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:54:08
God: 20:54:16
sorry Lotho, didn't plan them to be used by you guys...
God: 20:54:27
so, you search the rooms but you don't find anything interesting
Lotho: 20:54:37
well, that was useful!
Lotho: 20:54:39
God: 20:54:42
obviously they were once some kind of religious place, or dwelling place, but they have long since fallen into ruin
God: 20:54:55
there is a large plinth on the north west side, which is reached by stairs from teh floor
God: 20:55:09
on the plinth are the corpses of some dunlendings who must have been fed to the demons
God: 20:55:19
there are also chains of some sort, and perhaps a place for performing incantations
God: 20:55:39
probably they occasionally replenish tehir personal undead supply using the bodies of the Dunlendings who are killed here
God: 20:55:55
Ory is familiar with this sort of thing - keep some undead, feed them people, then turn the people into undead once they are dead
God: 20:56:01
nice self-replenishing supply
God: 20:56:03
of soldiers
God: 20:56:15
anyway, there is nothing else in the room
God: 20:56:21
You have completed the entire Orc nest!
Lotho: 20:56:26
God: 20:56:29
for which you get a bonus 5000xps each
Tint Whistler: 20:56:31
whoo hoo
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 20:56:39
Huzzah with knobs on! (party) 
God: 20:56:43
Now you have a decision to make!
Lotho: 20:56:51
i get to go up a level!
God: 20:56:52
you have determined the following things:
God: 20:57:00
1. this is just an outpost
Lotho: 20:57:22
what do our cohorts get?
God: 20:57:27
2. it is connected to the other outposts and whatever is at the centre of this network of outposts by a goblin transport system
God: 20:57:32
(Lotho: 2500)
God: 20:57:43
3. given Tint came here on a goblin train, it is likely they are the same thing
God: 20:57:54
4. undead are sent to and from these outposts by this system
God: 20:58:05
5. all the outposts are connected under some grand scheme
God: 20:58:31
6. the grand scheme is being centrally planned, and instructions are sent by these shamen and witchdoctors from the "broken teeth" tribe
God: 20:58:42
7. "Broken Teeth" is also the name of their central leader
Lotho: 20:58:43
but for now we want to go back to our ship, feed ourselves and the released slaves, rest and talk
God: 20:58:55
8. there is a new and previously unheard of religion involved
Lotho: 20:58:59
can't you tell us this next time, we wont' remember it!
God: 20:59:02
9. Tint has a map of the goblin tunnels
God: 20:59:11
so you need to decide:
God: 20:59:28
do you go back to teh ship and return to civilisation to replenish, sell things, buy things,etc.?
God: 20:59:34
or do you go straight down to the goblin tunnels?
God: 20:59:51
or do you rest on teh ship long enough to leanr new spells, identify magic items, regain pps, then head down?
Tint Whistler: 20:59:57
Where are the stone giants on the map?
Lotho: 21:00:01
um, are you serious?
God: 21:00:05
Tint: they aren't?
God: 21:00:11
sorry, they aren't.
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:00:15
Yeah - I want new spells! I have stacks to learn, so spending time on learning them would be cool.
God: 21:00:15
Lotho, not right now obviously.
Tint Whistler: 21:00:17
Do we know where the stone giants are?
God: 21:00:21
Tint: yes
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:00:27
Especially if we're going to meet the Big Bad soon.
God: 21:00:36
and you may be able to lay a trap for some orcs with their help
Lotho: 21:00:37
's vote is for resting and learning first
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:00:50
Ryu: 21:00:54
By the way, what's the next level of experience for our cohorts. Mine's still got 6000 recorded, and my cohort now has 8950.
God: 21:01:17
if you rest and learn back at your home base, this nest will be repopulated and you will lose the chance to go down thet tunnels without redoing today's adventure
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:01:38
God: 21:01:39
Ryu: 10,000 is required
Lotho: 21:01:41
fuck. can we decide next time?
Ryu: 21:01:46
God: 21:01:51
yes you can
Tint Whistler: 21:01:54
How about the slaves? Could we send them back with Drake and the boat?
God: 21:01:59
Tint: yes
Tint Whistler: 21:02:11
How close are the stone giants?
God: 21:02:17
you could camp on the boat for a day or two, leaving your cohorts here to keep the doors closed, then come back down
God: 21:02:28
the stone giants are not close enough to do that side adventure and maintain access to this lift
Lotho: 21:02:29
that sounds like the best option
Lotho: 21:02:35
can i run away now?
God: 21:02:36
but you could send them a message...
God: 21:02:39
Lotho, yes you can go
God: 21:02:46
we are not playing again till next year most likely
Lotho: 21:02:49
thanks dad!
Lotho: 21:02:54
oh really?
God: 21:02:59
hey you're the grump, not me
Lotho: 21:03:04
Lotho: 21:03:07
it's 11pm here
Tint Whistler: 21:03:19
We need some anti-scrying protection
God: 21:03:21
who said dad again...?
God: 21:03:23
Lotho: 21:03:23
i didn't even get around to caling my parents today
God: 21:03:44
next session can't be in a fortnight, because Andrew is here
God: 21:03:50
then we have xmas/new year
Tint Whistler: 21:03:51
God: 21:03:59
so I think the next sesssion is around about 15th Januar
God: 21:04:00
Lotho: 21:04:01
ah, can't play with andrew there?
Lotho: 21:04:09
or over xmas/new year?
God: 21:04:17
Lotho, we probably could but Beata would probably think that was pretty crappy...
Lotho: 21:04:22
who really does stuff then anyway?
Lotho: 21:04:22
God: 21:04:24
let me check my calendar
Lotho: 21:04:28
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:04:39
the uni is closed for 2 weeks over xmas so stu and i have time
Tint Whistler: 21:04:46
Beata doesn't mind if it's only 3hrs or so
Lotho: 21:04:49
k, i'm going, lemme know. and i'll need to sort out level rising
God: 21:04:53
the first week of new year is the 2nd (Wednesday the 2nd)
God: 21:05:01
so we might be able to do it then, or in that week
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:05:04
byiiiieee rems
God: 21:05:06
We might be returning from Nagoya
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:05:06
Lotho: 21:05:10
later :)
God: 21:05:14
so maybe in the follwoing few days
Tint Whistler: 21:05:15
God: 21:05:18
shall I send everyone an email?
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:05:23
aye, aye
Tint Whistler: 21:05:23
Ryu: 21:05:30
bye emily
Tint Whistler: 21:05:32
Stu anything about our trip?
Ryu: 21:05:34
God: 21:05:35
okay, I wll send an email in case we can play sooner
God: 21:05:38
See you Emily!
God: 21:05:51
Andrew: I will pay tomorrow for your tickets, don't have much else to reprot
Lotho: 21:05:52
bye all :)
Tint Whistler: 21:06:05
L - bye
God: 21:06:14
My supervisor was pretty grumpy wiht me today so I didn't ask him about getting the afternoon of Wednesday teh 19th off. He may refuse, not sure.
Ryu: 21:06:15
righto, night then all
God: 21:06:21
bye Lotho! talk soon!
Tint Whistler: 21:06:26
Happy New Year Ryu and L
Ryu: 21:06:32
Same to you
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:06:37
Bye Ryu!
God: 21:06:40
bye Ryu, chat sooN!
Ryu: 21:06:43
nite nite
Tint Whistler: 21:06:48
sleep tite
God: 21:07:02
night all!
Oryndiel Ponceboots: 21:07:11
nighty night (*)